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There are many small indy/devolutionist/advocacy parties in England (MK in Cornwall, Yorkshire First, NEP, Wessex Regionalists etc) trying to gain traction for progressive, decentralist policies. Such groups should be supported by Scottish democrats just as much as PC in Wales. Yes, they might not be that significant in size, but neither was the SNP at one time. 

More on the organisation  – the Association for the nations of the hexagon [France] – responsible for this can be found on the UNPO website here:  ANH Offers Platform for Union Agreement between Savoy and Brittany
On 18 April 2015, a Savosian delegation travelled to Brittany to meet with the representatives of the KAD (Kelc’h And Dael, meaning Circle of the Parliament), a Breton entity which aims at recreating a Parliament of Brittany, and sign a union agreement within the Association des Nations de l’Hexagone (Association of Nations of the Hexagon, ANH). This association aims to unite the various peoples of France and work for the recognition of national or ethnic minorities, in accordance with the 1995 Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorites and the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 18 December 1992. ANH also struggles for these minorities’ right to self-determination.

ANH was founded in order to promote cultural and economic links between the regions, and the overall multicultural richness, of France. Among its objectives are the following: promoting the recognition of minority languages, creating symbolic pairings between cities of each region, and promoting regional think tanks.

The presidents of the Savosian and Breton sections of ANH, Fabrice Dugerdil and Stéphane Domagala, have co-signed a mutual union agreement for the obtaining of the status of minority for their peoples, in accordance with the Council of Europe’s Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities.

Meanwhile, ANH has been working on the opening of a music department within the association. ANH President Stéphane Domagala has met with the famous Breton band Manau, which has expressed its support to ANH. ANH is now planning to contact more artists willing to represent their minorities and promote their culture, whether Alsatian, Basque or Savosian, in order to put in place a music festival bringing all these peoples together. 

ANH has also opening a sports department, joined by the Ninjutsu Club of Saint Brieuc. The association is now wishes to diversify the sports represented and aims at putting in place a championiship with teams representing their minorities.
Ecosse: le référendum sur l’indépendance transformera le Royaume-Uni – Libération:  Que ce soit en Irlande du Nord, au Pays de Galles, et même dans certaines régions de l’Angleterre comme la Cornouailles (sud-ouest) ou le Yorshire (nord-est), le vote écossais a attisé l’opposition latente à la domination de Londres.

Les trois principaux partis politiques du pays ont promis de déléguer davantage de pouvoirs budgétaires au Parlement écossais si l’indépendance était rejetée, comme le laissent pour l’instant présager les sondages. Des concessions que ne manqueront pas de réclamer d’autres régions du Royaume, et en premier lieu le parti indépendantiste gallois Plaid Cymru, comme les nationalistes d’Irlande du Nord ou le parti Mebyon Kernow qui fait campagne pour obtenir une assemblée en Cornouailles. 
In the run up to the referendum on Scottish independence, and to show support for Scottish self-determination, the name of this blog has been changed to Yes Kernow.

We would like to invite comments and articles from those interested in the futures of both Cornwall and Scotland. The independence referendum – won or lost – will have many ramifications for the governance of the rest of the UK and, therefore, Kernow.
Let’s ensure Cornwall’s voice is heard in the forthcoming debate on the future of the UK.

Isolated from who?

Posted: November 29, 2013 in economics, self determination
Aren’t we often told that due to our isolated location autonomy would be impracticable? To me it seems, along with Brittany, we are at the heart of the Atlantic arc – probably one of the busiest shipping/trading zones in the world. If we are isolated then it is from the centres of power in Paris, London and Madrid who have failed to develop our potential and squandered money on themselves.