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Cornwall or Devonwall?

Posted: September 22, 2016 in devonwall, liberal democrats
The BBC Trust has denied MK’s call for a Party Election Broadcast and and the mainstream parties are spending massively in the St Austell and Newquay seat. In 2010 – between January 1st 2010 and polling day on May 6th – the Conservative candidate spent £40,968, while the Liberal Democrat candidate spent £33,852. It is also the case that in the period leading up to 2010, they also spent many tens of thousands of pounds. Even minor UK parties such as the Greens and Ukip are benefiting from an increased media attention.  Help redress the balance by putting your hands in your pockets for Dick Cole’s campaign in St Austell and Newquay. Click here to give Cornwall a voice: Dick Cole (Mebyon Kernow) for St Austell.
“Small independent countries in northern Europe have fared well”.
It’s a refreshing message indeed when you consider that ‘you’re too small and too dependent to survive alone’ is what we usually get from state governments and their establishments. Dominated by a majority national group – English, French, Spanish etc – is it any wonder that the concerns of a smaller national group within the same state are brushed aside or attacked without reason.
Firstly, there are plenty of independent states and autonomous regions that have a population, surface area or even both smaller than our mineral rich Cornwall. 
Secondly, what do they mean when they say alone? Is being part of an ever more integrated and federal European Union alone? Perhaps here we see one of the reasons why our current right-wing ConDem government is methodically severing our ties with the EU; and here’s me thinking the LibDems were European federalists.

The Icelandic example certainly provides plenty of food for thought for other stateless nations in their quest for greater self-determination.

To follow the Icelandic experiment with democracy more closely you can find a section of articles at OpenDemocracy.
After the financial crash that wrecked the island’s economy in 2008, Icelanders took to the streets with pots and pans to demand a new political and economic order. Their wish was granted in the form of a new, ‘crowdsourced’ constitution, drafted by a Constitutional Council whose members were ordinary citizens. In October 2008, Icelanders accepted the draft in a landslide referendum. What can we – and the European Union! – learn from the Icelandic constitutional experiment?

The desire to manipulate people in the name of Anglo-British nationalism could be the unfortunate answer. When it comes to quashing Cornish national identity, along with hopes of any real devolution, then these two others-wise-enemies are quick to combine their efforts.

The Tories in Cornwall have recently announced that the campaign for a Cornish assembly is a divisive and inward looking failure. They described the campaign as a form of separatism from the United Kingdom. At this point most Cornish campaigners must have wondered if the Tories where talking about the Cornwall we all know and love or one that exists in a parallel universe. 
I can’t speak for all but the vast majority of the Cornish movement do not want Cornwall separated from the United Kingdom. Speaking as one who does want a Cornish republic I know what a small minority I’m in. What is sought is recognition of Cornwall’s national identity. That we are not a county of England but rather one of the Celtic home nations of Great Britain and therefore deserving of an assembly. This in no way can be seen as separation from the United Kingdom. Is Wales now separate from the UK because it has an assembly? If anything it would be a step towards a more democratic and federal UK.  
At this point let’s not forget the rabid europhobia that infects the Conservative party amply demonstrated by ever increasing calls from their hard-right to pull out of the European Union.  Separatism if ever there was.

I assume the Tories in Cornwall know the difference between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the internationally recognised sovereign state) and the traditional home nation that is England. Equally they are aware that the campaign for a Cornish assembly is not about separation from the UK. Why then these glaring errors?
The rather predictable answer is that the Tories are treating us all like chumps. They are fully aware of a rise in British patriotism following the Olympics. Conscious of this wave of pride in the UK they want to portray Cornish nationalists and assembly campaigners as wanting to tear Cornwall away from the United Kingdom. They assume that most citizens won’t know that much about the Cornish assembly campaign or Cornish nationalism and, moreover, that we don’t really know the difference between England and they United Kingdom. It’s manipulative spin riding on a wave of British nationalism designed to misrepresent the aims of a political enemy, Cornish assembly campaigners, in order to dismiss them all the more easily. 
Why mention the BBC then? Well it must have been around the 20th of August that I watched an article on Spotlight which was based on the Tory spin discussed above. Did the BBC take the opportunity to remind the Conservatives that the campaign for a Cornish assembly is not about separation from the UK but rather the creation of a devolved assembly for Cornwall similar to the one in Wales? Of course they didn’t. In fact the story was introduced by a graphic showing a Cornish flag being separated form a Union Jack and not, as would have been far closer to the truth, a St George Cross. They gave a stage to a Tory MP to peddle misrepresentations of the assembly campaign and then backed it up with some swish graphics.

Now for our Cornish assembly campaigners, including our three Lib Dem MP’s, to lobby the BBC to be allowed to respond to the Tories on a future edition of Spotlight.

After this tempting morsel Clegg to discuss greater powers for Duchy with Cornish MPs thrown to the Cornish by the LibDem leader, nodoubt desperate to win back a little credibility for his underlings in the Duchy,  I thought I’d return the favour.
Haven’t we been here before? Didn’t Cameron promise use a Minister for Cornwall? Didn’t the various Cornish LibDems promise us an assembly as well as to fight all attempts at creating Devonwall?

Action not more bullshit please! 

If the ConDems are in anyway serious about Cornish devolution, rather than selling us Cornish parrots, then they will stop -WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT- all attacks on our territorial integrity.

Stop Devonwall now, hold a public inquiry into the Duchy of Cornwall and then give the people of our nation a referendum on their future governance.

>Piss coloured politics

Posted: February 19, 2011 in liberal democrats


What do I mean by this? Got something to get of my chest? How about the following? Personally I’ve had enough of:
Lib Dems, comfortably in bed with the Tories in Westminster, but who show up to sleep-ins to protest at cuts to Cornish homeless services. These cuts having been decided by the LibConDems at a UK level and administered by their Tory allies in Kernow. What kind of opposition do they think they are providing?
Lib Dems, the self-proclaimed champions of radical electoral reform and PR, who sell out their principles for the non-reform of the Alternative Vote. Don’t be fooled! This is a veneer of political reform from the establishment in its efforts to scrape back some credibility after the expenses scandal.
Lib DemsMP’s who swear blind that they will vote against their government to protect Cornwall’s territorial integrity, and who do so, just until it becomes a danger for their cushy careers in the party. When push comes to shove, they all toe the party line, and they’ll continue doing so until Devonwall is a reality.
Lib Dems who call for Cornish devolution only for the vast majority of their party -MP’s and Peers alike- to be indifferent at best, hostile Devonwallers at worst. The party allows a couple of Cornish MP’s a long leash in Kernow to co-opt Cornish national sentiments, but that’s all. THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS DO NOT SUPPORT CORNISH DEVOLUTION!
I was followed by a fascist British Nationalist on twitter a few days ago. Tell me what’s worse? A simple-minded BNP supporter or the Lib Dems that makes his bed? The two-faced behaviour and lies of politicians -of all colours- disgusts the public and plays into the hands of extremists.
When you are called to vote on the AV referendum use the opportunity to express your disgust and spoil your ballot paper. Go to the polls but let them know what you think of them. I’ll leave you with the words of Cornish Zetetics from the article – The Lib Dem legacy: deference and Devonwall:
So there’s only one thing left to do. Join me and spoil your paper. This would seem to call for a Facebook campaign. The experience of the last six months has shown that we don’t need leaders, and certainly not Lib Dem leaders. MK has decided to throw away the chance to channel the general disgust at this tawdry measure. So who’s going to kick it off? And what do we write on our voting papers?


Yes, of course, more important things are happening in the world right now. Even without the democratic revolutions in the Arab world we could still quickly find something somewhere of far greater importance than the future of Cornwall’s territorial integrity.
Is this a legitimate excuse for not standing up for Kernow though? It’s certainly used as such by many a disingenuous opponent of Cornish rights to dismiss activists that fight for them. Never mind that one could easily turn the argument around to attack all but the most Earth shatteringly important issues beloved of ones opponent.
It’s all relative and depends on the scale used I guess is the answer. Compared to planetary environmental and social issues – yes, go right ahead and forget Cornwall- but from a Cornish perspective, for those duty bound to care for the future of Cornwall (i.e her sons and daughters / born and adopted), this is important! Why can’t we campaign on many different levels for issues of varying importance? I don’t want social justice rather than Cornish rights or Middles East democracy instead of Cornish self-determination. I want them all!
This is about Cornwall’s representation in Parliament. It’s about Lib Dem and Conservative politicians who promised so much for Cornwall only to stab us in the back. This is about the continuing and state sponsored erosion of an inconvenient minority identity. Goodbye Kernow and hello Devonwall, West Country, South West or whatever other preferred brand dreamt up by bureaucrats and marketing men in London.