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On the face of it Cornwall Reports seems to be a very interesting idea but if I have a doubt it’s due to the principle name attached to the project. My concerns about Graham Smith have been spelt out elsewhere (click here), they don’t need to be repeated here.
What can be added however is a little detail that came to mind on reading his name. Once, in a pique with Mebyon Kernow, Smith, on his impartial BBC blog, quoted George Orwell on nationalism – the objective being undoubtedly to paint MK as evil nationalists. The irony! An employee of a state-controlled media mouthpiece quoting George ‘Big Brother‘ Orwell in an attack on a small political movement that defends the rights of a dissenting minority. When this was pointed out on his blog no response was forthcoming. 
A thought for the day: Perhaps if Mr Smith, the Labour party and a long list of others had spent more of their time examining and taking apart the arguments of the Anglo-British nationalist and xenophobic UKIP rather than focusing their attention on the likes of MK, Plaid and the SNP (competitors with Labour) we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.
Anyway, what they have to say for themselves can be found below. Should they be awarded the benefit of the doubt? I suppose so.
Cornwall Reports is a project to reinvent journalism.  It is part of a mission to re-establish the primacy of rationalism and objective facts, using technology to finance the gathering and dissemination of news.  Like the pamphleteers of the 17th and 18th centuries, Cornwall Reports seeks to make a fundamental contribution to democracy.

The premise is that as technology lowers production costs, so the value of media reduces, finally, to that of its content alone.  The ambition of Cornwall Reports is to eventually produce content which is financed entirely by its consumers.  In short, you will pay for only what you read, without the hidden costs of adverts, pop-ups, surveys and clickbait. Cornwall Reports is just journalism, pure and simple.

In the 21st century, the Cornwall Reports project will have to challenge the might of global publishing giants such as Facebook and Google – which today effectively act as gatekeepers to almost every digital word read online.  Cornwall Reports must therefore fight an asymmetrical war in which size alone does not matter.

The business plan calls for Cornwall Reports to build a brand identity free of advertising (the growing prevalence of ad-blocking software already poses a severe threat to conventional online news media) and ultimately to make its content invisible to search engines.

Cornwall Reports becomes viable as an ad-free online newspaper once it has 1,000 subscribers.  The sooner that day comes, the better – we estimate about one year.  If you would be willing to be among the founding subscribers, and would like to take advantage of the rewards that includes, then please email and we will get in touch.
Perhaps you all remember Graham Smith and his blog on the BBC website. He showed great difficulty in hiding his hostility to Cornish devolution and Mebyon Kernow whilst almost having nothing critical to say about the Labour party. 
Simply bad journalism some might say. perhaps, but could there have been more to it than that? 
As it turns out Mr Smith used to work for Atherton Associates, a company founded by Candy Atherton in 2006. For any of you with short memories, Ms Atherton was Labour MP for Falmouth and Camborne until 2005. Candy Atherton was elected to Cornwall Council in the 2013 local elections, representing the Falmouth Smithick division. 
Of course such professionals as Atherton and Smith would have been scrupulous to prevent any conflict of interest, but I can certainly imagine a less honest class of politician dreaming of having their employees working at the BBC and thus funded by the UK public.

As a final note I posted a link to the Atherton Associates website detailing Graham Smiths position in the company on the Cornwall 24 forum in February this year. Shortly after the website disappeared. Does the company still exist and does Smith still work for there as well as at the BBC?
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Following this sloppily thrown together conjecture by English Labours Adam Cickett perhaps its time to remind Eltham’s Adam of a couple of things:

1) Labour are not a socialist party. They are not even social democrats. The best we can say about them is that they are social liberals. Take for example this:  Praising Tony Blair and criticising Ralph Miliband, the Labour leader said the choice was not between socialism and capitalism but “responsible” and “irresponsible” capitalism. 
2) If supposed yet-to-be-proved cooperation between one MK councillor and the Tories is enough to discredit MK and cast the party as a right-wing then, following this revelation, I wait with anticipation Adams resignations from Labour. Oh yes Adam! Your irreproachable left-wing – snigger – Labour party is in coalition with Ukip. That’s right Adam – people like this! Adam quite correctly is a gay rights campaigner – good on him for that – but what does he think of his party being in coalition then with these outright homophobes from Ukip? 
But is any of this a surprise we can ask ourselves when we see the kind of people Labour will accept into its ranks.
The Left Vote is a site dedicated to highlighting the election campaigns of those to the left of the stifling Westminster consensus. It is not affiliated to any left grouping, will no doubt promote flawed or controversial candidates alongside sound and solid ones. We’re not here to judge, although we shall discuss and evaluate the success, or otherwise, of the various campaigns. Set up in time for the 2013 English County elections we hope, of course, to play a fuller role in 2014′s Euro-elections and London’s local elections, as well as 2015′s vital General Election.  
How should an election be fought? When a candidate knocks on your door do you want to hear facts or do you prefer good old mudslinging?

Of course nobody wants to stand on their doorstep and hear a long list of of facts and figures that are often of questionable origins and if you are unfortunately anything like me with a low attention span when someone starts quoting ‘facts’, you end up grinning like an an idiot nodding your head vigorously and hoping that you’re not going to be asked any questions afterwards.

This gets more complicated when the candidate starts dropping hints and accusations about another candidate.I was contacted by a friend last week from Penzance who had a canvasser representing Tim Dwelly (Twitter) the Labour candidate for Penzance East knock at his door,during the brief conversation my friend mentioned that he was thinking of voting Mebyon Kernow but he hadn’t made up his mind, he was then reliably informed by the Labour canvasser that MK were a right wing party with views closer to the EDL or BNP.

Now of course that is complete and utter nonsense and to be fair many candidates from all parties across Cornwall would complain of similar tricks by their rivals, in fact its probably one of the oldest political games ,but it does illustrate if a candidate can stand on your doorstep look you in the face and lie confidently about another candidate how do we know they won’t be standing in the council chamber one day lying about the impact of a housing development or a cut in public services?

Political integrity does not start once a candidate is elected ,if a party or independents policies are strong enough they should not feel the need to resort to low tricks,most people want to hear a candidates policies and what makes them different to their rivals put as succinctly and honestly as possible.

Provided by Kernow Calling
Ken Loach has called for the creation of a new party to unify the various factions of the UK’s radical left. You can read about the project here on the Left Unity blog: Sign up to support Ken Loach’s appeal
When you look at the list of left-wing parties and groups in the UK then you’ll quickly understand that there’s work to be done. Various tiny groups and individuals squabbling over arid ideological differences – dogmatically loyal to this or that socialist theorist – they strike me as captains who’d rather go down with their little boats rather than accept any form of compromise that might (wake up!) get them somewhere.
On a more superficial level the trend for the symbolic of 19th and 20th century revolutionary movements does them no favours either. If you want to take power in the 21st century – it’s not a fancy dress party – dressing up as Lenin or the Che is not going to convince anybody.
That being said however, when Labour continues lurching to the right, what choice is left? Fortunately in Cornwall, Wales and Scotland alternative left-wing parties exist. Mebyon Kernow is there and waiting for all those who wish to build the alternative left in the Duchy. In England however everything remains to be created. 
I’ve blogged about unity in the past. My efforts can be found here: To reform the UK state we need a democratic green alliance.
Gordon Brown’s Pro-union speech should leave the Cornish in no doubt. He states: “We have guaranteed that no matter whether you are Scottish English Welsh or Irish you will have not just the same political rights but the same economic and social rights- to health care, to the same level of child benefit, to minimum wage, and to pensions”.
It should be as clear as day to all in Cornwall now. For the Labour hierarchy the Cornish do not exist. We have no rights other than to be a subset of English. Our collective cultural rights as a national minority within the UK are ignored and our economy and environment are ruined for the benefit of the home counties and their residents. The only right we do seem to have is that to be exploited by one of the UK’s feudal relics.
None of this comes as a surprise though. Cornwall doesn’t vote Labour and so they have little interest in flattering our national identity.