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The Cornish Liberal Party / Bagas Larch Kernewek

Nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats, this self described “non socialist ‘left of centre’ radical political party” gives full recognition to a Cornish nation and is happy to describe Kernow as a Duchy separate from England. They support devolution to the various countries that make up the UK including Cornwall.

They say:

Cornwall is under threat from Big Brother Labour governments, and ignored by Conservative ones. The EU for example, wants to encourage minority nations, languages, and cultures like Cornwall. London governments are eroding Cornish rights and freedoms. Lately they denied us the right to fly our ancient National flag on a par with England.

All the more surprising when you consider they advised people to vote UKIP in the May 2010 general election.

The Cornish Democrats

Essentially they seem to be selling a type of conservative Christian British nationalism with a Cornish twist.

Although they avoid describing Kernow as a nation they do support various Cornish cultural and identity campaigns such as the Cornish census tick box, an expanded use of the Cornish language and a St Pirans day holiday.

They say:

We maintain that the Cornish people should be recognised for their unique identity amongst the peoples of Britain and that Cornwall should therefore be accorded a special status within Great Britain.

Unfortunate of them then to acknowledge Queen Elizabeth II as ‘our’ Sovereign as well as make other comments about ‘English’ liberty and common law when you consider we already have a Duke as an unwilling sovereign and plenty of our own Cornish law.


A new political party –The Cornish Democrats– has been registered with the Electoral Commission.

Details of when and by who can be found on the Electoral Commissions website. For the record, the new party has nothing to do with this blog. I know no more about them than can be read on the EC website.

On a related note, as blogged about back in April of 2009, the websites of what purport to be Cornish political parties can still be found on the net. The sites are: The Cornish National PartyThe National Party for Cornwall and The Cornish Communist Party. The sites are of a low quality but demonstrate an understanding of the Cornish language by their creator(s).

An e-mail sent to all three ‘parties’ resulted in a spokesperson from the former Cornish Nationalist Party, and now Roseland Institute, writing back claiming to have nothing to do with any of them. Why his e-mail address was provided on one of the sites was not explained but this in itself proves very little.

The spokesperson for the CNP at the Roseland Institute did suggest that they may well be standing candidates in future local elections but provided no more details than that. I was also asked if I could plug the CNP’s publication the quarterly Cornish magazine, The Cornish Banner \ An Baner Kernewek. I’ve never read a copy but I have it on good authority that it’s a quality publication. Plugged.

For the cause of greater home-rule and Cornish recognition would there be any benefit in having a number of different political parties across the political spectrum? In Brittany can be found a range of different parties and groups. Perhaps, in total, this may mobilise more people. Some may be tempted to join a leftist autonomist party who would never consider joining a centre right nationalist party and vice versa. Is this the case in Cornwall? Mebyon Kernow occupies the progressive, ecological and reformist left already, a fairly broad church stretching from the anti-capitalist left to social democrats and the centre left, but is there room for a centre right or right-wing Cornish autonomist party to compete with the Tories and UKIP?