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In Wales vote for @TheGreenParty. In the forthcoming elections why not be part of the Green surge too and vote for the English Greens in Wales. 
Sometimes, London based parties really do know better than the locals. Help the Greens surge into Wales and bring wisdom from
their party headquarters. 
When the party leadership of Plaid advises people to vote Green across England, across the Tamar and all across Cornwall; why not decide to be part of the surging Green force in Wales too?

BREAKING NEWS: SNP calls for citizens to vote Green in the rest of the UK outside Scotland. The SNP leadership has stated that:  “whilst waiting for serious, left-of-centre and ecologically aware autonomist  parties to be created in Wales, England and Cornwall, people should really consider voting Green in these places.”

This months edition of the Breton magazine Bremañ (Now) has three articles about Cornwall and the Cornish. Here you will find the opening editorial from Bremañ and its English translation. You can find Bremañ on Facebook here

It is with Skol an Emsav, who produce Bremañ, that I started to study the Breton language in any seriousness. Many thanks to them and their team.

Kernev-Veur… Un tamm douar en tu all da Vor Breizh. E Stad Breizh-Veur. Ha ni, e Stad Frañs. Gwallzarvoudoù an Istor… Petra ’reoc’h? 

Mat eo lavaret hag adlavaret ez eo Kernev-Veur ar vroad tostañ dimp e pep keñver. N’eus ket da glask pemp troad d’ar maout. Aze emañ hor breudeur hag hor c’hoarezed nesañ. Gwir eo e sellomp aesoc’h hag aliesoc’h ouzh Kembre. Bev ar yezh du-hont. Aes a-walc’h tapout tammoù kembraeg en ur gevredigezh ma c’haller c’hoazh kembraegañ e-mesk an dud. Met Kernev-Veur eo ar vro dostañ dimp e pep keñver. N’eo ket ar c’herneveureg pempvet rannyezh ar brezhoneg. Diskouezet eo bet splann gant Ken George. Ar yezh predenek tostañ dimp ez eo avat ha diarvar eo kement-se. 
Trawalc’h e vefe kement-se evit ma vefe gwir genlabour etre Breizhiz ha Kerneveuriz evit lakaat tostaat an div yezh predenek. Ha pelloc’h c’hoazh, perak chom hep hunvreal? Lakaat an teir yezh predenek da dostaat en-dro, war dachenn an ezhommoù nevez? En hon dalc’h emañ kement-se, penn-da-benn. Ober a reomp bremañ, ken aes ha tra, gant ar ger “kleweled”. Piv a oar ez eo ar ger kembraek clyweled? N’eus forzh, graet en deus e dreuz. Peogwir e oa da vezañ evel-se. Adkavout a reer ar memes ger e kerneveureg evit an anv-gwan klywwelyek. Ur skouer hag a vefe brav heuliañ en dazont, pa gaver ar memes gwriziennoù en teir yezh. Pep hini eus an teir yezh predenek he deus traoù da reiñ d’an div all. 
 Embannet e Bremañ Du 2014, niv.397. 
“Dyski kernewek nyns yw pur gales!” da lavaret eo: “deskiñ kernewek nend eo peur galet” pe “deskiñ kerneveureg n’eo ket diaes-tre.”

In the English translation that follows I have tried my best to stay as close as possible to the Breton so that it will be easier for Cornish speakers to compare the two languages. This results in English that may seem a little unusual or clumsy at times, but it provides a better idea of how things are expressed in Breton. Please do feel free to suggest changes or corrections. I would be most grateful of the help. 

Cornwall a stretch of land on the other side of the British Sea [the Channel]. Inside Great Britain. And us [Breton’s] inside the French state. The mishaps of history. What to do? 
It is good to say and say again that Cornwall is the nation closest to us in all ways. No need looking for five legs on a ram (in looking for complications). Over there are our closest brothers and sisters. It is true that we look to Wales with greater facility, and more often. The language is alive there. It’s easy enough to pick up bits of Welsh in a society where one can still speak the language amongst the people. However, Cornwall is the country closest to us in all ways. Cornish is not the fifth dialect of Breton. This has been clearly demonstrated by Ken George. The closest brythonic language to ours, it is however, without risk (without doubt).

That should be enough for there to be a true collaboration between the Bretons and the Cornish to draw together these two brythonic languages. And why not dream of going further? Why not draw the three brythonic languages together again with regards to modern needs? All this is completely in our hands. We use the word kleweled [audiovisual] with no great difficulty. Who knows that there is a Welsh word clyweled? Anyway, this word has gone the distance (been accepted). Because it was to be that way. We find the same word in Cornish klywwelyek as the adjective. An example that would be great to follow in the future when we  find the same root-words in all three languages. Each of the three brythonic languages has something to offer to the two others.

Publish in Bremañ November 2014, No 397

“Dyski kernewek nyns yw pur gales!” that is to say: “deskiñ kernewek nend eo peur galet [learning Cornish is not too hard]” or “deskiñ kerneveureg n’eo ket diaes-tre [learning Cornish is not very difficult].”

SNP Should Team Up With Plaid Cymru And Greens To End Coalition’s ‘Austerity Economics’: The SNP could team up with parties such as Plaid Cymru and the Greens at Westminster to build a new alliance in a bid to bring an end to the “austerity economics” pursued by the major parties there, Scotland’s new First Minister said.

Yes, they most certainly should, and what’s more, they should invite Mebyon Kernow, the various English regionlist parties and any other democratic reformers, federalists and socialists out there – those who have seen through the LibLabCon scam – to join them. After the Scottish referendum that would make politics interesting again. Whilst I know the above article refers to a parliamentary pact for which a party would need MP’s I think I can still dream of a large based anti-austerity coalition fighting the next general election.

Perhaps it’s naive on my part – I have very little experience of electioneering or being a politician; and I know there is some bad-blood between different parties – but I can’t help imagining taking a cocktail shaker pouring in the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the various Green parties from the UK, Mebyon Kernow, Yorkshire First, North East Party, Wessex Regionalists and any other democrats, reformers, socialists and federalists disillusioned with the what’s been on offer to present, and then serving up a most palatable drink to the UK electorate.

On the English regionalist front the latest developments include:

The launch of a cross party Campaign for the North, who made some very positive comments about Cornish devolution when questioned via social media.

Talks between the North East Party and Yorkshire First concerning an electoral alliance. It should also be noted that Paul Salveson of the Hannah Mitchell Foundation has joined Yorkshire First and will be their candidate for the Colne Vally.
Ma teu bro-Skos da vezañ dizalc’h, petra a vezo graet gant an eoul-maen, al lur Sterling hag Unaniezh Europa ? Er vandennad-treset “Yes Scotland” omp bet oc’h ober un tamm tro en Highlands, dastumet hon eus soñjoù ha goulennoù ar Skosiz. P’emañ bro-Skos o vont gant un hent disheñvel, hag istorel. Setu pezh a zispleg deomp Keith Dixon, kelenner war sevenadur Breizh-Veur.


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Tenniñ a ray ma fennad d’ar gouelioù etrekeltiek, en Oriant, an taol-mañ. N’eo ket ne vehe netra da lâret a-ziàr ar peurrest. Ret e vo din anzav kentoc’h, izel ma c’hribenn, em eus tremenet ur lodenn vat a ma amzer er gouelioù-mañ, tostik-mat ar re-mañ d’ar gêr, gwir eo. Bourraplted, sonerezh ha mignoniezh, met ivez euriadoù ha na vezont ket gouestlet da labourioù arall, pand eo ker berr ha prizius an amzer neoazh. Kement-mañ evit displeg an tu teñval, an tu “izel ma c’hribenn”.
Ma ! A-fet sonerezh e vez kont èl da gustum en Oriant : doc’h un tu e vez ker a-walc’h ar sonadegoù “bras”, an arvestoù, met doc’h an tu arall e c’heller klevet sonerezh ag ar c’hentañ troc’h evit ur priz dister pe a-vad. Ha paeiñ evit monet a-barzh ne dalv ket dalc’hmat e vo bravoc’h an traoù.
En ur sal-arvestoù propr ha brav hor boa selaouet doc’h daou strollad tud varrek met borodus ar sizhun dremenet. Padal, e-dan un deltenn digor d’an holl, àr un tammig leurenn e koad savet àr barrikoù goulle, setu daet deomp klevet ur strollad entanus, kement ha ken bihan ma faot din menegiñ o anv e-raok donet da galon ma c’haoz. “Pan de capazo” a vez graet anezhe, ur strollad ag ar Galiz, etre sonerezh ar vro-se ha sonerezh Hungaria mod klezmer. Pemp paotr barrek àr o benveger met ivez, ar pezh a zo a-bouez, mistri àr an energiezh ha tre da lakaat ur saliad tud da vreskenn en ur par berr. Hag oc’hpenn an dra-se c’hoazh, tud amiapl, sichant. Ur misi !
C’hoant am boa da lakaat ar gaoz amañ àr lec’h ar yezhoù keltiek er gouelioù. Pas kement-se ar brezhoneg – moaien zo er c’hlevet hag er gwelet er festival, gwir, met chom a ra e-leizh a labour d’ober evit ma vehe lakaet yezh ar vro àr wel hag en implij èl mand eo dleet – met ar yezhoù keltiek arall. Ma klaskec’h dizoloiñ ar gouezeleg pe ar c’hembraeg, pe donet da vout barrekoc’h er yezhoù-se, e oa paour ar peuriñ ar blez-mañ c’hoazh. Lâromp memes tra, evit bout onest, e veze graet un tañva, bep mintin, d’ar brezhoneg, d’ar c’hembraeg ha d’an iwerzhoneg. Met a-hend-arall, e teltennoù pep bro e veze diaes kavout peadra da ouiet pelloc’h àr ar yezhoù-se. Evit ar c’hembraeg, levr ebet er yezh pe a-ziàr ar yezh.
En despet da vro-Iwerzhon bout e-kreiz ar jeu ar blez-mañ, ne oa netra naket a-ziàr ar gouezeleg e-dan o zeltenn vras. Pas muioc’h e teltenn bro-Skos pe enez Manav. Neoazh eh eus ur vro hag a oa disheñvel er c’heñver-se : teltennig Kerne-Veur a oa enni ur stalennad levrioù hag ar braz anezhe a oa pe e kerneveureg, pe evit deskiñ ar yezh. Ha moaien a veze klevet kerneveureg get ar werzherion. Istoer ispisial ar c’herneveureg a zo kaoz marse o deus klasket lakaat o yezh àr-wel èl-mañ, met plijadur en deus graet din gwelet aze tud fier ag o yezh ha doc’h he diskouez dirak an holl, touristed ha-razh. Rak ar yezh(où), en-reizh, a zelehe bout, hag a vez lies e gwirionez, unan ag an traoù a zedenn an dud en ur vro bennak. Kement-mañ zo kaoz e fell din lâret bremañ evit o zrugarekaat : “Meur ras dhywgh !”.
Ha c’hoant am behe da lâret muioc’h a draoù c’hoazh, e gwirionez, met aze e chom labour din… Er blez 2015 e vo enoret Kerneveur hag enez Manav en Oriant, hervez-an-dailh. Un digarez e vo pechañs da vonet e darempred arre, hag a-dostoc’h get ar yezh c’hoar d’ar brezhoneg !


Bonne nouvelle. Le Gouvernement britannique a annoncé aujourd’hui la reconnaissance du peuple cornique (Cornouailles britannique) en tant que minorité nationale sous la “Convention-cadre pour la protection des minorités nationales” (article wikipedia), convention signée et ratifiée par la quasi-totalité des États européens sauf la France, la Turquie, la Grèce (consulter la carte).

 • • •
The UK Government have announced today that the Cornish people will be officially recognised as a national minority under the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

Dick Cole, leader of Mebyon Kernow- the Party for Cornwall, said: “This is a fantastic development. This is a proud day for Cornwall…. A lot of people have been working for many years to get Cornwall the recognition other Celtic people of the UK already receive.”

UK Communities Minister Stephen Williams added: “This is a great day for the people of Cornwall who have long campaigned for the distinctiveness and identity of the Cornish people to be recognised officially. The Cornish and Welsh are the oldest peoples on this island and as a proud Welshman I look forward to seeing St Piran’s Flag flying with extra Celtic pride on 5 March next year.” => Consulter l’annonce de l’Alliance Libre Européenne

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