Unhealthy politics associating with Candy Atherton?

Posted: October 20, 2013 in BBC, candy atherton, graham smith bbc, labour, lobbying
Perhaps you all remember Graham Smith and his blog on the BBC website. He showed great difficulty in hiding his hostility to Cornish devolution and Mebyon Kernow whilst almost having nothing critical to say about the Labour party. 
Simply bad journalism some might say. perhaps, but could there have been more to it than that? 
As it turns out Mr Smith used to work for Atherton Associates, a company founded by Candy Atherton in 2006. For any of you with short memories, Ms Atherton was Labour MP for Falmouth and Camborne until 2005. Candy Atherton was elected to Cornwall Council in the 2013 local elections, representing the Falmouth Smithick division. 
Of course such professionals as Atherton and Smith would have been scrupulous to prevent any conflict of interest, but I can certainly imagine a less honest class of politician dreaming of having their employees working at the BBC and thus funded by the UK public.

As a final note I posted a link to the Atherton Associates website detailing Graham Smiths position in the company on the Cornwall 24 forum in February this year. Shortly after the website disappeared. Does the company still exist and does Smith still work for there as well as at the BBC?

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