A Cornish Non-FIFA football team?

Posted: April 13, 2013 in breton football, sport
I was wondering if anybody in Cornwall ever considered trying to form a Cornish representative team to take part in non-FIFA football games

I personally believe it would be a great way to promote the idea of ‘putting Conrwall first’ and an interesting extension of Cornish identity . A team could perhaps be drawn from the Cornish players currently playing in the football league at teams such as Stoke City, Southampton, Peterborough and Plymouth Argyle or from non-league sides like Truro City and Bodmin. 

I work with and organise games/tournaments with different non-FIFA teams in the UK such as the Chagos Islands, the Isle of Man and Alderney, as well as sides from Europe like Brittany, Greenland etc. I would be more than happy to help any Cornish team with some games. There is a 6-team tournament happening on the Isle of Man this summer and it would be great if Cornwall could be involved in the future. For a brief explanation of non-FIFA football please read [click here]. 

The cost of such a team would be little. Teams would travel to Cornwall and at the same time plenty of sides play elsewhere in the UK and are reachable. Tournaments such as Europeada (which features European minorities) and the VIVA World Cup, with teams like Zanzibar, Kurdistan and Monaco, would become open for Cornwall to compete in. It would certainly not be out the question for Cornwall to host a tournament and even a team featuring South West Peninsula League players would be competitive. The main thing though is the players and people wanting such a team. I’ve attached a hypothetical list of players who’d could play, based on place of birth, time spent in Cornwall etc [see below].
The above message comes from the non-FIFA Football Updates blog 
 I’ve previously blogged about Cornish national sports teams here.

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