Duchy of Cornwall overhauled or overthrown?

Posted: April 4, 2013 in democracy, duchy of cornwall
BBC News – Cornish Peer calls for Duchy of Cornwall overhaul: The Duchy of Cornwall should be radically overhauled, according to a Cornish Labour peer. 
Well done to Lord Berkeley and – not wanting to take away from his actions – it should still be pointed out that he is following a track well beaten by our Cornish constitutionalists. Activists who have tirelessly tried to expose the constitutional con that is the Duchy of Cornwall. I wonder if a certain anonymous Labour blog, that refuses the right of reply, will now stop trying to tell us all that the Duchy is not a problem? 
Lord Berkeley, rather timidly, calls for the Duchy to be ‘overhauled’. Why stop there? I want the dam thing overthrown! This Cornish Republican wants the Duchy abolished. Of course the incomes from the Duchy should be invested for the benefit of the inhabitants of Kernow but equally all the constitutional rights and powers of the Duchy should be handed over to a democratically elected Cornish parliament. 
When will the people of Cornwall get a true democracy? 

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