The BBC’s sense of English fair play

Posted: March 4, 2013 in anti-fascism, BBC, cornish media, elections, english nationalism, media, uk media
So Mebyon Kernow, a long established left-of-centre green democratic nationalist party opposed to all forms of intolerance, won’t have an electoral broadcast  because they don’t meet the BBC’s rather arbitrary criteria. On the other hand though a far-right English nationalist party, The English Democrats, (along with any number of other forms of pond life) will be getting a helping hand to promote English nationalism and intolerance in Kernow. 
Thanks Beeb!
  1. How are the English Democrats far-right? What is far-right? LibDem, ConDem,Tory, UKIP, BNP? I’ve known some ED’s in my time [and liblabconkipuafs], and they are left of the far-right LibDems [whose leader might aswell be running a dictatorship in South America!]! Are the uaf far-right aswell? Or don’t they count? ‘Hooligans’ on the left are nicer , because they appear better educated, than those on the right are they? If you believe that, you are the biggest Mug of all!

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