Minimizing Domination

Posted: January 20, 2013 in constitution, decentralisation, democracy, devolution, duchy of cornwall, republicanism, spain
As more evidence seems to emerge daily(1)(2) of the Duke of Cornwall’s completely antidemocratic right to influence the governance of Cornwall and wider UK perhaps it’s time for us to consider demanding a proper modern democracy. Perhaps it’s time for some civic republicanism.
The OurKingdom article by Jose Luis Marti linked to above is interesting if a little surprising in its choice of Spain as an example of working civic republicanism. Whilst I’d be over the moon to obtain the same degree of recognition and self-determination for Cornwall that is enjoyed by Catalonia, Galicia or the Basque Country, as a republican, I’d prefer an elected head of state. However, as Marti writes, a republican democracy should strive to reduce all forms of domination, something I can only agree with:
Civic republicanism has a very simple idea: we must avoid or minimize domination in the world. No matter what kind of domination, no matter what source, no matter who is being dominated and by whom. We must minimize domination, being careful of not producing a greater domination in the process. To do so is to empower the weak, while controlling and restricting the powerful. According to this view, the source of all political evils is the imbalance of power that makes domination possible. Power, of course, comes not only from economic means – although obviously these are very effective. Power may come, for instance, from unequal access to information, from cultural inequalities, from sexist cultural patterns, and from many other sources. 
We must sweep away the last relics of our feudal past whilst ensuring Cornwall does not continue to struggle under the mismanagement of consecutive English governments. The Duchy of Cornwall must be handed over to the democratic control of the Cornish populace and not simply abolished.
Sadly many a ‘British’ Republican (in their vast majority from England), at best, know nothing of or care little about the Cornish question and, at worst, are actively hostile wishing to see a centralised London based British Republic.
To end I’d just like to point out that whilst certain anonymous blogs * close to Labour have been trying to convince us all that the Duchy of Cornwall is simply a private estate and not really an issue, Cornish autonomists have been steadfast in their exposure of this outrageous feudal relic.
* Please note that the blog linked to allows for no comments indicating an author terribly sure of her/his opinions.

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