Taking back the BBC

Posted: May 18, 2012 in BBC, cornish blogging, cornish media
This “It’s essentially a very big and powerful quango” is one of the many thought provoking statements that can be found here – Taking back the BBC – on OpenDemocracies latest project OurBeeb.
Another one is: “the important thing about the BBC isn’t that it’s biased towards left wing or right wing views, but towards the establishment’s worldview”. 
I’m sure these are ideas many Cornish campaigners can sympathise with whilst also wishing to see a reformed more democratic and accountable BBC that respects Cornwall’s unique identity but avoids any form of privatisation – baby bathwater – disaster.
For the Cornish movement then to engage with OurBeeb. OpenDemocracy also produces the excellent OurKingdom a place where the Cornish question has been welcomed. I’ve tried to incite leading members of the Cornish scene to write for OurKingdom in the past with very little effect. A shame and an opportunity lost.

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