Don’t believe the hype!

Posted: November 18, 2011 in conservatives, devolution, devonwall, liberal democrats
After this tempting morsel Clegg to discuss greater powers for Duchy with Cornish MPs thrown to the Cornish by the LibDem leader, nodoubt desperate to win back a little credibility for his underlings in the Duchy,  I thought I’d return the favour.
Haven’t we been here before? Didn’t Cameron promise use a Minister for Cornwall? Didn’t the various Cornish LibDems promise us an assembly as well as to fight all attempts at creating Devonwall?

Action not more bullshit please! 

If the ConDems are in anyway serious about Cornish devolution, rather than selling us Cornish parrots, then they will stop -WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT- all attacks on our territorial integrity.

Stop Devonwall now, hold a public inquiry into the Duchy of Cornwall and then give the people of our nation a referendum on their future governance.


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