EDL blight Cornish fora.

Posted: September 4, 2011 in anti-fascism, EDL, english nationalism
For those that don’t know Cornwall 24, by default, is the only pro-Cornish debate forum on the Internet. Love it or hate it (and I’ve had my ups and downs with the place) it is now a well established part of the greater Cornish movement.
Not surprisingly then it is often plagued by people hostile to greater Cornish self-determination. These trolls and sockpuppet users can be found trying to disrupt positive debate and cause division.
Well, low and behold, one of these individuals turns out to be a bus driver from Plymouth and member of the English Defence League. Not content with bullying the UK’s Muslim communities it seems some of them have taken a dislike to any expressions of Cornish pride too. Don’t you just love English nationalism.
NB: The Cornwall 24 forum is only very loosly connected to the excellent, if much under used, Cornwall 24 news website. Which reminds me! The Cornish movement should be making much more use of the cooperative and fully independent Cornwall 24 site.  

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