MK stride out onto the World Wide Web

Posted: August 25, 2011 in cornish blogging, internet, mebyon kernow
It is gratifying to see MK making a little bit more use of the Internet and the many keyboard campaigners ready to help them. To their note below I will just add that my first blog was in June 2007 and Dicks was in July – and the prise for first pro-Cornish blogger goes too… Equally not to be forgotten, Kernow X also has a blog.
In my opinion all the MK blogs could be tarted up a little and given a more unified party image, easily identifiable with the party and Kernow, but perhaps that’s just me being anal. 
Other pro-Cornish blogs of note are: breselyerkeltic, Cornish Heritage, Save Cornwall, anhelghyer, and Madder do ee. Sadly the excellent OurCornwall seems to have been deleated but a new blogger, a Cornish Unionist no less, has created Kernow
MK note below: 
MK Party Leader Cllr Dick Cole has had a blog for over four years and the Cornish Republican has been a strong presence on the web for an equally long period.

More recently, they have been joined by other MK members who have launched their own on-line sites. These include Cllr Stephen Richardson, Robert Simmons and a new site from the Camborne and Redruth Constituency Party.

Simon Reed, who stood for MK in the St Ives Constituency in 2010, meanwhile adds a distinctive contribution through his site while the Cornish Zetetics site strongly critiques the actions of politicians and others in Cornwall.

Please support the hard work of MK activists and like-minded campaigners by visiting their sites on a regular basis and helping to promote them more widely

On-line petitions

The government has relaunched an e-petitions website. There are already two petitions on the site that are of interest to Cornwall and the Cornish. These are the establishment of a Cornish Assembly and the recognition of the Cornish as a National Minority. Please take the time to support the petitions and to promote them among your friends and colleagues.

Thank you.

The MK Campaign Team.

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