British to English – the future of the radical right.

Posted: May 21, 2011 in anti-fascism, BNP, UKIP

Cornish activists have long know the truth behind the claims of the UK’s hard and far-right parties -UKIP, BNP and NF- to be ‘British’ nationalists. In their combined responses to Cornish political and cultural aspirations they have been aggressive imperialistic English nationalists in all but name. We can summarise their attitude as follows – Cornwall is England and the other Celtic nations are simply annexes of the great Anglo-British realm to be used and abused for the benefit of the centre.

This supremacist point of view took a serious blow when the very idea of a British nation was dispelled by devolution. Yes the British exist but perhaps in the same way as Scandinavians, Balts or Europeans do. As a larger regional grouping of similar smaller nations with common interests. The recent win by Wales for more power to be given to their parliament and the SNP landslide can have only reinforced the decline of British nationalism as the imagined British nation evaporates before our eyes.
So where now for the radical-right as British nationalism appears a lost cause? You don’t really have to look too hard to find the answer. The British nationalism of the UK far-right has always very much been Anglo-British in nature. They vast majority of their support comes from England even when considered proportionally against the population of each home-nation. Drop the British element and the mask falls away. What was, to all intents and purposes, English nationalism from the very start can finally be seen in its true colours.

Barnbrook, who now sits as an independent on the London assembly, has written to leaders of four other far-right or nationalist organisations – including the English Defence League and the English Democrats – calling for the creation of “one strong, united, cohesive force”.

The growing rebellion has seen a growing number of BNP organisers either leave the party or defect to join other rightwing groups. Searchlight says dozens of BNP members – including several key figures – have left and joined the English Democrats recently. Lowles said there appeared to be a “concerted and orchestrated attempt by many of the BNP’s most effective and competent former organisers” to establish a foothold in the English Democrats.

So when the BNP finally mutates in some new far-right English nationalist party after, no doubt, fusing with the likes of England First, the English Democrats and the EDL, what place will be left for the couple of deluded Cornish nationalists who joined the BNP hoping it would protect them from England? Let me give them a piece of advice. Find a deep mineshaft and jump into it. No, seriously though, retire from politics. You chose the wrong boat and now its sinking. 

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