St George’s Day and St David’s Day Bill

Posted: May 16, 2011 in st pirans day bank holiday

BBC – Democracy Live – St George’s Day and St David’s Day Bill : A public holiday to mark St George’s Day would bolster national unity, a Tory MP has said. Presenting his St George’s Day and St David’s Day Bill to the Commons on 13 May 2011, Nadhim Zahawi said: “To many, St George’s Day is a celebration of all that is great about the nation”.

Cornish campaigners need to get on top of this one before a St Georges day holiday is pushed on Kernow instead of one for St Pirans day. Is this yet another chance for Cornwall to be erased? Another campaign we are prepared to loose? Taken in isolation it’s not the most important issue of the moment but the long term erosion of our identity is, nonetheless, what we are facing.
Devonwall parliamentary constituencies, a St Georges day English national bank holiday, Devonshire post codes in Kernow, the deliberate replacing of the adjective ‘Cornish’ with the incorrect ‘Cornwall’, the denial of our true constitutional position in the UK, the centralising of Cornish services and jobs out of the Duchy, Cornish heritage claimed as English, English cultural bodies given free reign in Cornwall, locals priced out of the housing market – little by little, step by step – a people is destroyed.

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