The Dangers of Corporate Influence and the Free-Market

Posted: May 3, 2011 in environment

Large corporations, for good or for bad, are major influences on UK and other governments, and customarily a greater one than large portions of the population. Neglectful regulations have allowed these big businesses to repudiate just actions and continue abusing free market privileges. In the today’s era of globalization, marginalized societies are becoming especially angry at the motives of multinational corporations.

In the US, the London-based billionaire Koch brothers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to gain these political influences and change the country. Koch Supply and Trading companies have extensive operations across all aspects of crude oil, petroleum, and commodity trading all over the world. The expansive nature of their efforts makes it difficult to keep tabs on everything they have done that has caused harm. The Kochs are able to accomplish this goal by funding massive right wing front groups, think tanks, and other party efforts. This is all in an effort to develop a free marketed nation, and a country free of any environmental protections, as well as social safety for working Americans.
Most recently, Charles and David Koch have been spending millions of dollars with the goal of increasing their own profit through decreasing restrictions on carbon emissions, think-tank groups that promote efforts discrediting climate change, and they have even made attempts at trying to loosen regulations on poisonous substances like dioxins, benzene, and asbestos. Chemicals such as these can cause a multitude of health complications including chloracne, amenorrhea, leukemia, and even mesothelioma, a rare cancer that attacks cells in the tissues lining many of the body’s internal organs called the mesothelium. A lack of stiff regulations to these dangerous substances could have grave consequences.
The activities of Koch industries are a perfect example of the dangers of lax free market regulations. There is no basis, moral or economical, for any legal restrictions on what can be bought or sold, or the ethics used in the conducting of business, and the treatment of workers. What is guaranteed by a free market pairing with large, intrusive governments influenced heavily by the businesses is corruption. Companies have figured out that ten million dollars invested in keeping the government out of their pockets lets them keep more money than what would be made investing directly into the business, and creating a fundamental failure in big government and a free market system.

A guest article from Eric Stevenson.


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