Digital Democracy – Cornish Devolution Now – What We Can Win

Posted: April 30, 2011 in cornish constitutional convention, devolution
The Digital Democracy – Cornish Devolution Now campaign is currently at 118 votes and on the top of the list. More on how this campaign could benefit the Cornish cause can be found below. We can take this all the way but it depends on everyone doing their bit and that includes supporting the campaign on the website and then sharing it with all the people in your email address books. 
Once you’ve submitted your campaign it’ll go straight to the current campaigns page where all users can post comments by clicking on the link in the campaign. Other users (not you!) can support your campaign, sending it further up the list of popular campaigns.

Now’s the time to spread the word about your campaign, use Digital Democracy’s email campaign features, as well as your favoured social networks to get people talking about it.

Each campaign is ranked based on support in its initial 28 days, alongside others whose initial phase ends in the same month. At the end of this month the most popular ones go on to the voting stage.

For more details on the mechanics of our ranking system, click here.

If your campaign doesn’t make it to the voting stage, don’t worry – it stays active and people can keep adding their support!

Let’s assume your skills of persuasion propelled your campaign to the top of the list right away – what happens next?

Every month you will see three campaigns on the “vote on campaigns” page, the most popular campaign in the previous month from your constituency, your country (England, Scotland or Wales), and from the whole of the UK.

Every user in each area can vote either in favour of or against each campaign, allowing both support and opposition to be demonstrated.

At the end of the month the results of each vote are sent to your Member of Parliament if it is a local campaign, to every participating MP in your country if it is national and to every participating MP if it is a UK wide issue.

Throughout (and after) the voting stage, users can still support and discuss your campaign as usual, so please do keep letting people know!

If your campaign is supported by more than 10,000 people we will formally present it as an e-petition to the Prime Minster.
Dare we imagine an email being sent to every MP in the UK calling for a Cornish Assembly?

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