Whining English Nationalists

Posted: April 23, 2011 in english nationalism
Let us speak of St George and Little England! | openDemocracy. Following the article to the right a few pertinent Cornish comments were left that I think need just a little more attention.
From – Stop complaining – we have:
“To be English today (is to be) expected to be financially and politically disadvantaged within our own internal Empire of the United Kingdom. These sacrifices we make for the sake of unity with the Scots, Welsh and Irish, and the immigrant communities”
Oh really ?
Engand GDP per capita US$ 35, 286
Scotland GDP per capita US$33,680
Ireland GDP per capita US$31,394
Cornwall GDP per capita US$30,885
Wales GDP per capita US$30,546
UK parliament 650 seats:
England: 527 (81%)
Scotland : 59 (9%)
Wales: 40 (6%)
NI: 18 (3%)
Cornwall: 6 (1%)
86% of population, 81 % of parliament, highest GDP per capita, it’s hardly a sacrifice!
From – Stephen Richardson – we have:
This article is an archetypal ‘fat bandit’ lament! Not so long back England was blithely murdering civilians and taking their land in the name of ‘civilising’ them. Then it was an English political ploy to construct the ‘British’ project. Now that things aren’t quite so easy the fat bandit cries for peace and whinges that everything that was never his in the first place is being taken away.
From – Madder do ee – we have:
Is hyperbole like “the English have been suppressed under asymmetrical devolution” helpful to your cause? That must be one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard from an English nationalist.
The English control the UK political system. The English were the largest section of those that introduced devolution to the UK. To claim that you’re being oppressed by something you implemented and control is quite ludicrous. As is drawing parallels between the Cornish and the English cause. The English control a state and have recognition. The Cornish have neither. Just look at this article – not one mention.
From – Kevrenor – we have:
Jools, go for it. An English Parliament, in a new Federal Britain – of England, Scotland (if they stay in), Wales, Nth Ireland (if they stay in), Cornwall, perhaps Man, and those of the Channel Islands who wish to be. Then tax revenue can be raised in a fully devolved manner, with England alone sucked dry by London. Go for it!

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