>Immigrants are not the enemy

Posted: March 13, 2011 in anti-fascism, census category, equality


Immigrants and other minority groups are not the enemies of Cornwall. They are simply different and stand out thus making them easy targets for people who have got so lost in the individual they have lost sight of the universal. Unity in Cornwall to build our future together is the only humane option.
Let me add fascists of all kinds to my list of Cornwall’s enemies from the previous blog. Those from the far-right who try to reduce Cornish culture to a regional subset of some imaginary ideal of white British Christian heterosexuality. If you limit and isolate any culture with such artificial boundaries then you will watch as it withers to nothing. Let’s ensure Cornish culture is a welcoming one so that in the future new Cornish will feel happy to record themselves as Cornish-Asian, Black-Cornish or any other combination.
Then an honorary mention must go to capitalist carpet-baggers of all origins who see in Cornwall, its culture and environment nothing but a quick profit – to hell with its future. The land of second homes and holiday lets serviced by a cheap and disposable workforce. Cash in now while Cornwall is still a green and pleasant place to escape the city. Let me add to this category all multinationals and entrepreneurs who see cultural homogeneity as the easiest route to a profit. Opening the same type of bar, the same type of restaurant and the same type of shop across the globe. Welcome to the list all those who pedal their awful plastic pop music, their nihilistic pop culture and their sole-less disposable plastic trash of all types from Pedn an Wlas to Taigh Iain Ghròt

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