>Cornwall’s in the red!

Posted: January 14, 2011 in economics, europe


Or – What has Europe ever done for Cornwall? 

If you ever wondered what other parts of Europe qualify for Convergence funding, along with our Cornish Duchy, then the map above will help. A few thoughts then:
Rather like the totalitarian socialism suffered by Eastern Europe and the fascism of Salazar and Franco, it seems the Anglo-British state, with its inherent London centric focus, hasn’t been that great for Kernow. Before anything gets cut in Cornwall shouldn’t we be sure that Kernow gets its fair share of funding in the first place? But hey, what the hell. Lets keep voting for LibLabCon. Change is scary after all.
Among many other specificities Cornwall has a very particular economic situation – its own advantages and disadvantages. This calls for devolved Cornish governance capable of tailoring specific responses to specific Cornish challenges. What we don’t need are more dictates from England’s centre that have clearly failed so miserably. Are we not capable of running our own affairs or are we just too lazy? And no, before anybody jumps down my throat! This is not a cry for separatism, blowing up the bridge or Cornwall for the Cornish. This is a call for the redistribution of power- for federalism.
With Cornwall being ‘in the red’ do we need our political voice diluted by having to share an MP with part of Devonshire? Keep Cornwall’s governance whole to deal with Cornwall’s particular problems.
Isn’t it just slightly obscene that the Duchy of Cornwall is partially funded from the rights it has over the territory of Cornwall? One of the poorest regions in Europe(!) is saddled with funding one of the richest families in Europe who even have their own special super-citizen status. Liquidate the Duchy and ALL its assets then hand them, and the Cornish constitution, back to the residents of Cornwall for them dispose of democratically.

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