>The Cornish Antifa

Posted: April 3, 2010 in antifa, BNP, UKIP


I’ve seen it suggested on Twitter by KAN that Cornwall should have its own campaign against the BNP and other elements from the far-right.

Great idea! I’m sure many from within the Cornish movement would be happy to get involved.

In our sister nation, Brittany, a similar platform exists –Comité de Vigilance contre l’Extrême-Droite en Bretagne– which regroups Trade Unionists and activists from various far-left political parties.

The format would have to be adapted for this to be a success in Kernow noting that the levels of support for the far-left in the Duchy are far lower, but enough greens, socialists and democrats exist for it to be worth trying.

The BNP are determined to stand candidates in Kernow as much as UKIP and the English Democrats are prepared to flirt with the far-right. Lets ensure they benefit form no plain sailing.

  1. Katie says:

    >Hope Not Hate is a campaign that might be able to help in the battle against the far right.I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work Cornubian.

  2. cornubian says:

    >I hope so. What we are trying to do is to say that the protection and promotion of Cornish culture should, and does, go hand in hand with the respect of all cultures.Minority groups do not just come from recent immigration.

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