Regional Election Results.

Posted: March 26, 2010 in elections

A quick round-up of the regional electoral results.

Via their electoral alliance, Europe Ecologie Bretagne (EEB), the UDB has won 4 seats on the council of the French administrative region of Brittany. The French Socialist Party (FSP) refused to fuse with EEB to fight the second round of the election -the result being the UDB will not be represented in government- but 4 councillors is still an achievement.

In all other French administrative regions the FSP fused with Europe Ecologie and other leftist parties to great electoral success.

The Socialist Party of Brittany -Brezhistance- lent its support to EEB for both rounds of the election, but they have obtained no councillors.

We will make you Brittany (WWMYB), the electoral platform including the Parti Breton, was knocked out in the first round of the elections with a score of 4.29%. Although low this is still a net progress on previous elections. Regrettably WWMYB was unable (or unwilling) to give clear advice as to who to vote for in the second round of elections with Christian Troadec finally, and after a change of heart, suggesting that he would vote for EEB.

Two federalist parties, L’Alliance Fédéraliste Bretonne and Parti Federaliste de Bretagne, seemed to confirm their status as political nonentities by advising abstention from the elections.

The Breton far-right also abstained from the election.

The new government of Brittany will be formed of French Socialists with their Green and Communist allies. The Breton department of Loire-Atlantic, currently attached to the region Pay-de-le-Loire, also finds itself governed by Socialists, Communists and Greens. No Breton nationalists or autonomists were elected in Loire-Atlantic.


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