Labour Unions for Stateless Nations

Posted: February 14, 2010 in celtic solidarity, Sindikad Labourerien Breizh

Added today is a link to the –Plateforme des Syndicats des Nations sans Etat– an organisation that regroups labour unions from stateless nations around the world.

For example from Brittany we have the Sindikad Labourerien Breizh. I believe a trade union -UNDEB- exists that is closely connected to Plaid Cymru? Is there room for a Cornish labour union to push for the rights of Cornwall’s workers along with greater self-determination?

It should be noted that these unions have nothing to do with the ethnically exclusive unions from the far right.
A Cornish trade union should fight for the rights of ALL workers within the territory of the Duchy without exception.


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