Cornish insults and BBC Radio Cornwall

Posted: January 31, 2010 in cornish media

Following the Celtic League’s recent complaints to the EHRC and the subsequent media fallout in the UK’s reactionary right-wing press (ie “It’s Official. Cornish Don’t Exist” and “It’s OK to insult the Cornish as they don’t exist” type headlines) I thought it wise to present some alternative points of view on the Leagues actions.

From Cornwall 24 one commentator writes:

Why bother going through Radio Cornwall? They may as well just email every newspaper in the UK with confirmation and proof that the Cornish don’t legally exist and inform the whole of the UK that its OK AND LEGAL for any arsehole to call the Cornish whatever derogatory name they want to and give any anti-Cornish people all the ammunition they need to prove their point that the Cornish are no different to anyone else in ENGLAND.

Another at greater length adds:

Given the historical hostility to anything remotely focussing on any ‘persistence of Cornish difference’ by the audio-visual news-media, and the failure to receive any direct concessions from the English Imperialist System to any actions, then the proposed action via the EHRC as declared publicly must be considered as a seriously ill-conceived and ill-considered act, irrespective of whether it was via an organisation or an individual.

Everything that has occurred was predictable and inevitable. One presumes that the organisation anticipated all this fallout and that it will be collating and analysing all the events and presenting it as a part of its legal case?

We have seen the damage that has been inflicted, we know how, within Cornwall, it was deliberately prejudiced by Radio Cornwall – in particular, by one person that, imho, should be sacked for wilfully misrepresenting the academic opinion of two guest speakers and putting words into caller’s mouths.

The Radio Cornwall attitude and prejudice has been consistent from its inception. It would be good to know, precisely, what the EHRC actually said, but it sounds like the ‘chicken and egg’ conundrum that John Angarrack had already clearly spelt out.

The only times that Radio Cornwall has presented something approaching a ‘postive’ Cornish facade, it has rapidly been shown to be a very very shallow facade indeed. Better for a Cornish Cornwall if it were not there at all!

The problem again seems to be the media and in this case BBC Radio Cornwall. One wonders why a Devonshire man, such as Laurence Reed, is so hostile to Cornish empowerment?

Why not contact him and ask?


Phone: Between midday and 3pm on 01872 22 22 22


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