Climate Change and the Cornish perspective

Posted: January 16, 2010 in decentralisation, environment

Prompted by the arguments put forward at the start of this Cornwall 24 thread I thought I’d throw my own two-penneth worth in.

That and the cartoon is quite good.

Reducing carbon emissions necessarily entails a relocalisation of our societies and economies. This should translates for Kernow as better public transport, an increased importance given to local produce, much greater energetic self-reliance and stronger local government. Yes, I know, these are not arguments to prove or disprove human kinds negative impact on global climate change. That’s not the object of this post. However the aforementioned  realities of relocalisation are sure to please any Cornish autonomist, or so one would think.

Mebyon Kernow understand this as is shown by their Cornish Diet amongst other campaigns and policies. What surprises me though is the hostility towards Climate Change theory voiced by a tiny, but vocal, minority in the wider Cornish movement. Addicted to their gas guzzling lifestyles or simply the type of person who automatically takes the contrary view to the majority (i.e. a mule headed Cornish idiot)? Either which way they’re doing the fight for Cornish autonomy no favours.


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