Rights and Responsibilities

Posted: October 26, 2009 in census category, civil rights, national minority

The invitation below looks as if it could be of interest to those campaigning for Cornish rights. For more information and booking details contact Equality South West.

Address: East Reach House, East Reach, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3EN
Tel: 01823 250832

In March this year, the Government published a Green Paper entitled: Rights and Responsibilities: developing our constitutional framework. I attach a link to the Green paper.

With the publication of this Green Paper, the Government began a national debate about whether we should recognise at a constitutional level the rights we enjoy and the responsibilities we share as members of UK society.

The Green Paper discussed whether there should be a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for the UK, how it might build on the current Human Rights Act and for views on the common or shared values that people subscribe to across the UK that underpin our fundamental rights and freedoms. For further information please see: http://governance.justice.gov.uk/

In partnership with Equality South West, the Ministry of Justice will be co-hosting a one day event at the Taunton Conference Centre, Somerset on Saturday 14 November to hear your views.

This will be your chance to ask questions about the Green Paper and to take part in several discussions on values, rights and responsibilities and to influence the Government’s policy on how power is distributed in the UK. We want your views and will ensure that they are closely considered as part of the national debate. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to hear from the British Institute of Human Rights who will be giving a presentation on Human Rights Protection in Britain.


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