What do “old” and “new” minorities have in common?

Posted: June 22, 2009 in diversity news, national minorities

An interesting project below from the Youth of European Nationalities.

What do “old” and “new” minorities have in common, where do they have the same interests, what are the differences?

If you want to find an answer to these and similar questions then you should participate in the Study Session YEN organises in Strasbourg from 24-30 August. The Working Group on Politics in YEN organises this meeting together with the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe. You will have the opportunity to exchange views with other young people from “new” and “old” minorities and to widen you perspective with the help of experts and in dialogue with the other participants.

In many countries the “new” minorities and their integration in society is a main topic in the political discussion. On the European level many heated discussions about minority rights have been taking place: in how far are the autochthonous national minorities different from immigrants and their offspring? Are their problems or the solutions the same?
The question about how YEN in future should deal with the “new” minorities is the reason behind the implementation of this Study Session.

In total 25 participants can join the session. The organisation team will assess the applications and make a selection. There will be a participant fee of 50 Euro, and travel costs will be reimbursed according to the rules of the Council of Europe.

You can apply by sending the application form until 1 July 2009 to our address.

Working language: English
Arrival: Monday 24 August 2009
Working days: 25-29 August 2009 (including city visit)
Departure: Sunday 30 August 2009

More information:

Registration form

The YEN Study Session: “old” and “new” minorities in Europe is taking place in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg and is supported by the Council of Europe.


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