Cornish Youth

Posted: June 12, 2009 in cornish youth, kernow X

Following the elections if anybody from Kernow X the Cornish youth movement of Mebyon Kernow is looking for projects to engage with here are two suggestions.

The First is AtmosphEUROPA: leadership contest for minority youth.

AtmosphEUROPA is a contest for young leadership talent from minorities of any kind. This contest is organised by the Intercivil Society and the Intercultural Communication and Leadership School, in partnership with the European Civic Forum and others, and is supported by the President of the European Parliament. It aims at making politics in Europe more exciting for youth. This will involve young voices, fresh faces and fresh young ideas in the debates on the big challenges of today: climate change, social conflict, growing new poverty. The contest is open to young persons under 30 and of a minority background and living in Europe. The deadline for submissions is 18 July 2009.

Read more here.

The second is the Cornwall Youth Forum. A worthy project that needs some real Cornish input.


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