Support a Cornish Charity with Everyclick

Posted: June 5, 2009 in economics

Why not help the Cornish Charity of your choice by using Everyclick as your homepage instead of Google, Yahoo or some other corporate monster? I’ve set mine up to raise funds for the Cornish branch of the Celtic Congress.

The sum raised so far is tiny but with more people involved it could be an interesting additional way to raise money for your charity of preference. The Gorsedh and Federation of Old Cornwall Societies are also options along with a number of other worthy Cornish causes.

Everyclick gives you lots of ways to raise more money for charity: search the web shop collect sponsorship donate, give and reclaim Vouchers.

  1. Thanks very much for mentioning Everyclick – we're glad you like the site!Besides searching the web and raising money for free, you can also donate securely or create a fundraising page to collect sponsorship for an event, among other things.That's why we say "Everyclick – more ways to raise money for charity"And if your non-profit, school or church isn't on the site already, you can apply to add them, just get in touch with us.

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