>Stop the BNP in the Duchy

Posted: May 25, 2009 in BNP, racism

>For the forthcoming Cornish Unitary elections four British National Party candidates will be standing in the Duchy: ‘Liskeard South & Dobwalls’, ‘Padstow’, ‘Threemilestone and gloweth’, ‘Newquay Treloggan’.

Angry at the miss management of the economy and disgusted by (political) scandal after scandal many my be considering boycotting the unitary and EU elections.

Worse some may be contemplating voting for the BNP as a protest.

Our own Cornish MPs embroilment in the expenses affair has certainly added to this growing cynicism.

Cornish Against Racism would like to encourage all who can to vote to do so. The BNPs support is motivated and will certainly come out on polling day. An unused and wasted vote is wind in the sales for the far right.

If you are seriously considering voting for the BNP as a protest please reconsider. There are other parties that exist as serious alternatives to the big three London based parties that equally deserve your protest vote. A vote for Mebyon Kernow, Independent or Green will carry your message to the establishment without supporting intolerance and xenophobia.

Vote for anyone but vote against the BNP! Vote against hate!

  1. Anonymous says:

    >I say vote bnp its just all you unwashed rabble that complain and students when you got jobs and pay taxes te wing or wash

  2. Anonymous says:

    >The BNP is a revolting fascist organisation. Wherever they appear to gain strength there is an increase in violence and hate crime. In power they would destroy everyone's freedom as they follow the path of Hitler, Franco and Pinochet – first jailing and murdering trade unionists, socialists and anyone else they target for hate. All sensisble citizens – washed & unwashed – should unite to defend democracy. Vote AGAINST BNP & their fascist filth

  3. Anonymous says:

    >You leftists are the real haters.

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