Time for a Constitutional Detox

Posted: March 10, 2009 in constitution, duchy of cornwall, republicanism

Always nice to see our errant Duke coming in for criticism.

Prince Charles detox ‘quackery’ an article from the BBC sees Professor Ernst of Peninsula Medical School making the following claim “Prince Charles thus financially exploits a gullible public in a time of financial hardship.” Ernst said this in relation to Duchy Originals detox tincture.

Well it wouldn’t be the first time the Duke of Cornwall has exploited people would it?

Which brings me to this blog article from Republic; Bona Vacantia – Latin for ‘nice little earner’ .

Yes the Duke has a long list of rights and prerogatives over the territory of Cornwall. Good to see groups like Republic taking notice of this situation at last.

Yet here we are with some individuals within the wider Cornish movement ready to do back flips for HRH when he throws us a few bread crumbs of recognition. A little Cornish language here a quotation for a book there. Never mind that he is a willing part of the establishment that has denuded us of our true constitutional position.

The Duchy is a totally undemocratic feudal relic that perhaps could be challenged by a coalition of democratic reformers in a way that the Monarchy and Crown as a whole cannot.

Does the UK public want a republic? Perhaps not, but do they feel the same attachment to the Duchy?

The Republic blog article is open for comments.

  1. It is ironic that in the mother country of democracy people doubt that the United Kingdom is a democratic country, because it enjoys the Monarchy. The Westminster system is highly successful.Of course the people in the Duchy of Cornwall should enjoy more autonomy and I sympathise with the Cornish speaking part of the people, but I think, the Duke of Cornwall is a better advocate for the Cornish than the politicians.

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