Cornish National Sports

Posted: January 25, 2009 in national minority, sport

Following last years Europeada the French political party Régions et Peuples Solidaires is defending the idea of a football tournament for the peoples and nations within the French state. RPS has announced that during 2009 it will work on the creation of such a tournament for the Alsaciens, Basques, Bretons, Catalans, Corses, Occitans and Savoisiens.

How about some friendly internationals with a Cornish team? What can we hope for? I doubt if either football or rugby matches could be organised against the recognised home nations of the UK in the near future. Cornwall just isn’t there yet and we’re still a long way off. However fielding a team for friendlies against the ‘RPS’ teams or even in the Europeada is a distinct possibility, and what a boost this would give to Cornish national identity. An all Cornwall team playing Brittany at Truro! What better way to pack the stadium? Here’s looking forward to the creation of a group to push for Cornish national sports. A pressure group that would promote our Wrasslin and Hurling whilst pushing the idea of Cornish national teams to the fore.

RPS regroups moderate autonomist parties from around the French state. Could such a political formation as the RPS exist in the UK to bring together the SNP, Plaid, MK and perhaps either English regionalists or English nationalists? I’d like to think yes but the asymmetry of these nationalist movements makes it unlikely at the moment. The SNP seem to have little time for the Cornish movement except letting slip the odd friendly comment and while we have no MK MPs I doubt this will change. To get an idea perhaps of how some Scots and Welsh see the Cornish movement just consider your view of the Mercian regionalists for a moment.


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