Electoral Pact

Posted: January 5, 2009 in devolution, labour, liberal democrats, Uncategorized

With talk yet again of a Lib-Lab election pact what would a coalition government mean for Kernow? With the Liberal Democrats in government alongside New Labour, could our MPs and councillors put Cornish devolution on the table? Would they even try? If the Lib Dems got proportional representation adopted as a policy by government it would certainly benefit Mebyon Kernow but is this the most we could hope for?

To broaden the subject what about electoral pacts for MK? At the last general election they ran alongside the Cornish Greens. Should this alliance be maintained or is another partnership conceivable and preferable for MK? I think it was Peter Tatchell who suggested last year that in order to hold onto power New Labour should form an alliance with the SNP, Plaid and the Green Party. Could MK find a small niche in such a coalition? Or alternatively would people prefer to see a broad coalition of nationalists and other UK centre, left of centre parties (Liberals, Greens, Respect etc), to face off against a Lib-Lab alliance. Just some very light and loose ideas. I’d appreciate any thoughts on the subject.

Bearing in mind that the Regional Council of Brittany is governed by a coalition of the left including MKs sister party the Union Démocratique Bretonne, are electoral pacts a possibility for the elections to the new Unitary Authority? If so who would MK have to go into coalition with in order to take the Unitary?


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