Taking Liberties / Cornish Independence at the British Library

Posted: December 9, 2008 in cornish constitutional convention, devolution, petition of 50000, self determination, Uncategorized

How to vote for greater Cornish self rule with the new British Library -Taking Liberties – interactive website.

The homepage for the site is here: Taking Liberties :: home

To vote however you must visit the interactive section here: British Library – Taking Liberties Wait for the flashy introduction to pass and then click on the ‘UNITED KINGDOM?’ option at the top of the page. You will then be given the option of ‘CORNISH INDEPENDENCE’ amongst others. Click on this and you will have some presentations as well as some opinions to vote on.

The English devolution option is also worth a look as are many other issues in other sections.

It’s not the best presentation of the Cornish question I’ve seen and, suprise suprise, the word ‘duchy’ isn’t used once, but it’s better than nothing.

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