As is to be expected the moment the Cornish question gets a fair crack at the whip on the -comment is free- blogs section of the Guardian website I loose all internet connection…..

Anyway here is a summary of the action.

Peter Tatchell kicked off the fun with his fantastic article- Self-rule for Cornwall. Once again a hundred thanks Peter for helping to raise awareness of the Cornish question. We can expect more from this direction soon…

This was responded to with a terribly sensible piece from Cornish MP Mathew Taylor- Cornwall needs a revolution, not a divorce. Undoubtedly we need a revolution in our governmental arrangements but why ignore the national minority status issue Mr. Taylor? Do the Cornish not have a right to recognition? A revolution yes but are our Liberal Democrat MPs and LD controlled local government actually doing ANYTHING to bring this about? Last time I looked they had reneged on their promise to campaign for a Cornish assembly and where trying to push an unwanted Unitary authority on to Cornwall. On the same track Dick Coles response on his blog is very illuminating.

Finally a synthesis of the above two articles appeared on the Our Kingdom blog under the title – The Case for Cornwall. Only really interesting for the comments it attracted from English nationalists and regionalists.


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