The New Economics Foundation

Posted: November 2, 2008 in cornish greens, economics, transition towns

Following the previous post here’s introducing a think tank recently discovered called the New Economics Foundation. Interesting stuff for the Cornish movement no doubt.

UK needs ‘Green New Deal’ to tackle ‘triple crunch’ of credit, oil price and climate crises; for the article click here. The below is taken from the nef triple crunch blog.

Local resilience is the key to well-being

29 October, 2008 in thriving communities, by Josh Ryan-Collins

In the name of “modernisation”, the government has insisted on competitive commissioning, a narrow focus on financial efficiency savings, and investment through the private finance initiative (PFI) that builds up long-term debts. It has shown a strong preference for large, aggregated contracts. In other words, public services have been subject to the same blind faith in market forces as the rest of the economy.

The failure of unregulated markets will take a double toll on public services. A recession means fewer taxes to pay the bills. And the market “rules” that have been reshaping the public sector now threaten their long-term viability.

But crisis brings opportunity. Public services will have to find new ways to create real value. One way is to develop service models that deliver multiple benefits in the short term, and build future resilience. There are plenty of examples that show how this could be done…
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Or take a look at Time Banking, Transition Towns or Co-production nef’s manifesto for growing the core economy.

Josh Ryan-Collins works on sustainable procurement and commissioning at nef.


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