Living off our land

Posted: September 11, 2008 in duchy of cornwall, republicanism

Just to bring to your attention the new book –Living of the State– from long term republican Jon Temple. I’ll let the auther give you more details.



Publication date: September 2008

While the economic situation worsens – with rising inflation, house repossessions, increasing income and wealth inequality, and the ‘credit crunch’ – the British royal family continues to enjoy the good life. Amassing considerable wealth through generations of preferential treatment – necessary, it is claimed, to maintain the ‘honour’ and ‘dignity’ of the monarchy – it now costs taxpayers an estimated £160million a year, by far the most expensive monarchy in Europe.

But how exactly is it financed? What is the Civil List? What are ‘Grants-in-aid? What precisely are the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster – whose ‘surpluses’ provide multi-million pound annual incomes for the Prince of Wales and the Queen – and who really owns them? Is it now time to regulate more strictly the use of the royal ‘brand’? Should the Duchy Originals company be able to use the Duchy of Cornwall’s coat of arms as a commercial branding insignia? Why has ‘charity’ become such a key promotional tool for the monarchy? Is it now time for a more appropriate, slimmed-down monarchy?

Poorly regulated by our unwritten constitution, members of the royal family have no legally defined roles. They benefit from large sums of public money and occupy prime public property on favourable terms. Complex and confusingly presented, royal finance is a subject often misunderstood by those who fund this grandiose institution. Financial review is infrequent and our elected MPs are discouraged from debating royal matters – especially money.

Here at last are the answers – in the critical guide to British royal finances: ‘LIVING OFF THE STATE’.

Now you can learn exactly how the Windsor family is financed by millions of pounds of British taxpayer’s money. This a book for any British taxpayer, and above all those – both in Great Britain and also around the world – with an interest in the British royal family.


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